How to add a 'Members Only' or 'Login' section to a Blogger website

When I was choosing what platform to use to publish my website I looked at quite a few (including Wordpress and Blogger). As I am hardly a HTML expert, I didn't want a platform that was overly technical but still had the flexibility to allow a wide variety of content. I settled upon Blogger and built the website you see here. There are tons of great sites around giving basic tutorials on how to tweak various components of Blogger to produce the look you want (just ask Google). There was however one feature I wanted that I couldn't find a tutorial for - How to add a 'Member Only' page to my website. I wanted a place to store links, and experimental html code which Mr. John Citizen couldn't see. Now, writing the code for a 'members only section' is well beyond my level of expertise, and after many fruitless hours searching the internetz I stumbled across a throw away comment on a help forum. The answer was so simple - create a second blog which was restricted to certain people and then simply link to that blog. The steps are as follows:

Create a new blog
1. In the Blogger dashboard ( select [New Blog]

2. Give the new blog a name like 'members blog' and an address like johncitizensmembersblog.

3. Now click on the new blogs title to go into the members only blog dashboard and click [Settings] and in the Permissions area select [Only blog authors]. If you want to grant access to somebody else, you can select [Only these readers] and add the people you want. Don't forget to save changes.

Link to your New Blog
4. Now in your main website simply create a link to your new 'members only' blog. I did this by creating a new Static Page by clicking [Pages] in the blog dashboard then selecting [New Page]-[Web Address] and entering the address as the link. Easy as Pi. You can also easily add the link as a plain test link on an existing page or post.

5. To test your new members only section, simply log out of your google account and try the link. You should be greeted by the Google login screen asking for your username and password. If you wish you can also make your new members only webpage look like your existing blog by backing up your main blogs template and restoring it to your members only blog.