RepRap 3D Printer - Prusa i3 - Build Log: Part 5

Software and Firmware

In order to control the 3D printer there are pieces of software that are required - Firmware, which runs on the Arduino to control the printer movements; a Printer control, which provides an interface from a PC; and slicing software, which takes a 3D files and determines the tool paths.
Pronterface software for controlling the printer.

How to Format Code and Syntax Highlighting to Blogger

I wanted to add code to my Blogger blog and have it format the same way as it does inside the IDE. After some searching I found a way to do this, while keeping the code inside Blogger (i.e. not stored on another service such as Gist, or PasteBin).

The script to format the Code is called SyntaxHighlighter. It's great, but getting it to work with Blogger was slightly confusing, and SLOW. The tutorials around the web for this are pretty outdated and all use the scripts which are hosted on the SyntaxHighlighter website. After some playing around I found that the host was causing the scripts to run slowly, and that self hosting significantly increased the speed.

$example = range(0, 9);
foreach ($example as $value)
 echo $value;

RepRap 3D Printer - Prusa i3 - Build Log: Part 4

Wiring and Installation of Electronics

Now that all the hardware is essentially in place, we can wire everything up. The wiring is relatively simple. I completed my wiring and made sure everything worked, then went back and made it look [more] pretty with braided sleeves and heat shrink.

RepRap 3D Printer - Prusa i3 - Build Log: Part 3

Extruder Assembly

Fully assembled extruder with hot end attached to the x-carriage.

RepRap 3D Printer - Prusa i3 - Build Log: Part 2

X-axis and Z-axis Assembly

The x-axis and z-axis are both a part of the same frame and are assembled together. The process is similar to the y-axis in that order of assembly is not critical and test fit everything before tightening.

Assembled x-axis frame

RepRap 3D Printer - Prusa i3 - Build Log: Part 1

Y-Axis Assembly

Start by assembling the structural frame which supports the y-axis. The order of assembly isn't very important, and I found myself going back over assembled components and pulling them apart because I had forgotten something. Just ensure you don't tighten anything beyond finger tight until it's all assembled and you're sure it's correct. 

RepRap 3D Printer - Prusa i3 - Build Log: Part 0

There has been much said about 3D printers and the coming manufacturing revolution in the media and online. You can now buy plenty of sub $1000 Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM, also known as Fused Filament Fabrication, FFF) 3D printers. The technology behind FDM 3D printing was brought to the masses by the RepRap project, which aims to publish open source plans for a self replicating 3D printer. After many months of reading and hearing about this new technology, I decided to jump in and try to build myself a 3D printer.

The Prusa i3 3D printer

Having never built a 3D printer before, I certainly underestimated the time and headaches that would be involved. But the result is rewarding and has expanded my knowledge. I have tried to document my thoughts and processes, so that others can give this project a go, hopefully with less headbashing.